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Calm After The Storm

Silent Dawn - no power, no traffic, no wind

A near 1m wide canvas print, this was a well-received exhibit at the 2013 Castle Hill Village Easter Art Weekend.

The image was taken the morning after the heavy snowfall of the 6th June 2012 when Castle Hill Village was cut off for around 30 hours.  The early morning rays of sun are starting to flood the Castle Hill Basin from down Broken River picking out the snow-covered slopes of the Torlesse Range and Castle Hill.

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Canvasses are currently pick-up only, or otherwise by arrangement, from St Martins, Christchurch NZ.

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Castle Hill Sunrise

Castle Hill Village from Wuthering Heights, Kura Tawhiti Reserve

This image was a finalist in North & South Magazine’s “Places in the Heart” competition.

Taken around 7am in late June 2012 in temperatures around -9 degrees, it shows Castle Hill Village twinkling in the pre-dawn light in front of the Craigieburn Range, with the lights of Broken River Skifield’s “Stairway to Heaven” in the background.

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