• New Trimble Navigation building

    A slightly low-key exterior on the new Trimble Navigation building in Christchurch opens to reveal a stunningly colourful interior which includes quite a few nods to the positioning aspects of the industries in which Trimble operates.

  • Weekend in Aoraki-Mt Cook NP

    The weather gods decided to look very favourably on a long weekend trip to Aoraki-Mt Cook National Park, once again staying at the YHA and providing them with photos.

  • Nelson Lakes NP

    Heading to St Arnaud for a tramp up and along Roberts Ridge to Lake Angelus and back via Speargrass Creek Track, we took the Rainbow Road from Hanmer for a more interesting approach than your average state highway.

  • Brief visit to Chennai, India

    A brief visit to Chennai gave me a few hours here and there to explore Dakshina Chitra, St Thomas Mount, and some of the hustle and bustle of Chennai itself. So many friendly people, so much traffic and noise, so many sights and sounds to take in.