• Lyttelton Urban Downhill

    Big kahunas required for the course in Lyttelton, although most of the riders made it through relatively unscathed.  Large crowds, great weather, with Lyttelton mostly sheltered from the cold easterly elsewhere in Christchurch.

  • St Martins School Fiesta

    The forecast for the day of the St Martins School Summer Fiesta was looking pretty dodgy (with a moderate risk of hailstones over 20mm in diameter and thunderstorms later!), but in the end, they needn’t have worried as the mercury rose to 31°, and the main problem was repeatedly running out of ice for the …

  • South Christchurch Touch Rugby

    53 teams from a number of South Christchurch schools have been competing in an after-school touch rugby tournament at Waltham Park.  Lots of enthusiasm, varying levels of skill!

  • Craigieburn Trails Workparty

    Enjoyable day up at Craigieburn Forest Park working on bringing a new piece of track online in the Craigieburn Trails network.  T5 Contracting provided the fuel for the volunteers and Cactus Outdoor provided a couple of spot prizes.  Approx. 300m of new track dug to re-route Hut Creek Track down to join the Broken River …